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First Aid

First Aid

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  1. 85 Piece First Aid Kit

    The Be Smart Get Prepared First Aid Kit is ideal for minor cuts and scrapes. It's packaged in a durable plastic case with sliding locks. This first aid kit is designed to be compact and convenient for everyday use.
  2. Adventure Medical Trail Hiker First Aid Kit

    Adventure Medical Trail Hiker First Aid Kit : A lightweight but comprehensive first aid kit that will have you patched up and ready to push on. The Adventure Medical Trail Hiker provides you with a slew of wound care products - From blisters and burns to bleeding suppression and medication. Both small and waterproof, the trail hiker will pack down easily and comes in a folding waterproof carrying case.


  3. Lifeline Trail Light 5 First Aid Kit

    An extensive first aid kit weighing only 11.9oz has supplies to treat 5 people up to 5 days on a camping, backpacking or hiking trip.


  4. S.O.L. Scout Survival Kit

    Priorities in a survival situation: escape the elements, stay warm, and signal rescuers so you're easy to find.
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4 Item(s)