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  1. Solstice River Rough 48in Tube

    The Solstice River Rough 48 in. Tube is designed for adult fun on all your water adventures. It is built with a large 48 in. diameter that accommodates most young teens and adults. Rather than being a plain colored tube you get cool graphics displayed on all sides for a hip and modern look. It is also designed with two sturdy vinyl handles to hold to if you encounter rough water or for when you are getting on or off of the tube.


  2. Solstice 48" Sumo Fabric Covered Sport Tube

    The Solstice 48" Sumo Fabric Covered Sport Tube is something that you would like to have on every vacation. It is 48 in. sumo size that makes an ideal place to chill and relax after a stressful week. It s design is very ergonomic and adapts to your body, while you let yourself just float in the water. It comes with an on-Board ice cooler and drink holder that allows you to have your favorite beverage always with you and at the exact temperature.


  3. Type II Orange Life Jacket Vest

    Basic flotation for the boating enthusiast. Designed specifically to provide minimum buoyancy and turn an unconscious person face up in calm water situations.


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3 Item(s)