GSI Outdoors Lexan Flask, 10oz

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Product Overview

This lightweight, low-profile hip flask design stows easily in pockets and boasts an easy to fill, wide-mouth design and convenient shot cap. The compact 10 fl oz Lexan flask won't stain or hold flavors so you can use and reuse it for years to come.

GSI Outdoors made Lexan® tableware is known for its strength, durability, light weight and its resistance to cutting and staining. With a little extra care, your made of Lexan® tableware will remain beautiful for years to come. Prior to initial use, always wash with hot water and mild detergent at home and dry immediately. Use only non-abrasive cloths and cleaners with GSI Outdoors made of Lexan® tableware. Always allow components to dry completely before storing. Microwaves and dishwashers may prematurely age components and are not recommended. GSI Outdoors made of Lexan® tableware is not intended for prolonged storage of food or liquids. Should a component become crazed or fractured, discontinue use and please recycle the pieces.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review