Optimus Vega Stove

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Product Overview

Cold weather can turn a canister stove into a sputtering heap, but not the Optimus Vega Stove. This backpacking stove packs a four-season function that allows you to invert your gas fuel cartridge so it delivers liquid fuel. Liquid fuel helps the Vega burn with more power and greater efficiency so you can keep cooking and actually reduce your cooking time. The Vega is lightweight and compact enough for your summer backpacking bag, and capable enough to earn a spot in your winter camping kit.

  • High-output burner head offers consistent, even heat so you can cook on a pan, boil water in a pot, or melt snow in a pinch
  • Wire fuel-control handle gives you fine burner control so you can set the burner to simmer without burning your food
  • Stove links to gas cartridge by hose so the stove sits lower to the ground for added safety and stability
  • Hose valve interface has integrated support legs so you can invert a gas cartridge for maximum cartridge life and to keep it off the ground Integrated four-season mode allows you to cook with liquid gas so you can reduce cooking time in cold conditions
  • ¬†Gas mode function is aided by a preheating tube that maximizes the effectiveness of liquid fuel
  • Windshield adjust to two sizes to accommodate pots of different sizes
  • Stove includes stove bag and aluminum windshield


(No reviews yet) Write a Review