SE Insulated Outdoor Tube Tent

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Product Overview

This tube tent is great for camping, emergency kits, hiking, sporting events, survival kits and more! It can be used for more than just emergencies, this kit is easy to set up and comes with helpful items. It is easy to set up and is comfortable for two people.


  • Dimension: 82″ X 36″
  • Orange color
  • 4 Pc 9″ Zinc platted carbon steel tent pegs
  • Non-woven material with aluminum coating on interior
  • Includes 23 ft. (7 Meters) of rope


  • Aluminum coated interior insulates body heat for extra warmth
  • Can be used as a shelter, ground cover , emergency blanket, etc.


Brand: SE
Length: 82"
Width: 36"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review