12 Survivors Folding Knife

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Product Overview

12 Survivors Folding Knife - Your Reliable Outdoor Companion


Gear up for your next outdoor adventure with the 12 Survivors Folding Knife - a compact and durable essential that combines functionality with portability. Crafted with a stainless steel blade made from 3CR13 steel, this folding knife is designed to withstand the rigors of the great outdoors.

Key Features:

Compact and Portable: The folding design allows this knife to shrink to a pocket-sized form, making it an ideal companion for hikers, campers, and survivalists. Carry it with ease, either in your pocket or securely strapped to your gear using the included nylon sheath.

All-Weather Grip: The rubber-coated handle provides an anti-slip grip, ensuring that the knife remains securely in your hand, even in wet conditions. This feature makes it a reliable tool for various outdoor activities.

Durable Construction: The handle is crafted from a combination of nylon and TPR, enhancing the knife's overall durability. The 3CR13 stainless steel blade adds robustness and corrosion resistance, ensuring longevity in the toughest environments.

Practical Dimensions: With an overall size of 8.11 x 1.58 x 0.71 inches and a handle size of 4.72 x 1.58 x 0.71 inches, this knife strikes the perfect balance between functionality and portability. It's lightweight, weighing approximately 9 ounces with the sheath.

Versatile Outdoor Tool:

Whether you're setting up camp, cutting through tough materials, or preparing food in the wild, the 12 Survivors Folding Knife is your reliable companion. Trust in its quality construction and practical design to meet the demands of your outdoor lifestyle.

Order yours today and experience the convenience and durability of this must-have folding knife. Gear up for your next adventure with confidence!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review