MSR Dynalock Trail Trekking Poles

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Product Overview

Two-section aluminum poles designed for all year use.

Simple, strong, reliable. The DynaLock Trail Pole’s 2-section aluminum construction makes it perfect for short snowshoe adventures past the trailhead or longer days exploring frozen valley basins. At its foundation is our DynaLock technology, which delivers a full range of length adjustability with fast, reliable locking. The DynaLock’s unique design allows you to adjust its clamping force on the fly to ensure it’s always tight and secure. Together, with an ergonomic grip and carbide steel tip, this pole is designed to back you up every step of the way.

Weight 1 lbs. 4 oz.


  • collapsed  31.5" / 81 cm
  • min. 39.5" / 100 cm
  • max 55" / 140 cm


(No reviews yet) Write a Review