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  1. Yukon Charlie's Premium Snowshoe Gear Bag

    This Yukon Charlie's Premium Snowshoe Gear Bag can hold any snowshoe size up to 10x30. This carry bag features a full zipper enclosure with an EZ grip pull cord, double shoulder straps and a mesh bottom for drainage.


  2. Adventure Research Snow Flurry Snowshoe

    The Adventure Research Snow Flurry snowshoe is perfect for all youth.


  3. Wilderness Technology Mountain Gaiter

    The Wilderness Technology Mountain Gaiter is a full size lightweight gaiter, perfect for year round use.


  4. Adventure Research Pro-Series Snowshoes

    Traditional tube & decking style snowshoes. Perfect for any winter adventure.


  5. Adventure Research Ascender Pro Series Snowshoes

    The Ascender Pro snowshoes are a hybrid shoe designed to be lighter, more durable, and provide more grip than your basic snowshoe.


  6. MSR Evo Ascent Snowshoe

    When the going gets too steep and deep for a Rocky-Mountain sheep, strap on the MSR Evo Ascent Snowshoe and stay on top of winter alpine conditions.
  7. Adventure Research Aluminum Flip-Lock Trekking Pole

    From the road to the back country and great to use all year, the Adventure Research aluminum trekking poles are a must have. The aluminum flip-lock makes for easy and quick adjustments on the fly. Each set of poles comes complete with a set of snow & sand baskets.


  8. Adventure Research Cascade Snowhoes

    The Adventure Research Cascade Snowshoes keep the weight down and the performance up when your plans include easy or difficult winter terrain.


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8 Item(s)